Deliver the cultures of the world  to the end of the east, ”FAR EAST”.When walking around the world, you encounter the various aspects of cultures.Food, clothing, housing, enjoyment, thought, sounds and sights…your eyes reflect the unique characters of the lands. Sometimes they look mysterious and attractive.But through the contacts of the different cultures, human beings have developed with the understanding and adoption.  It is our very  motif  to carry  the oversea  commodities  to you at  the end of the east ,”FAR EAST” that  we hope to convey the sensation of our surprise, impression and excitement we get when we visit  those exotic countries.

Natural, Organic, Safe, Fair

When you take over a thing to a person, naturally it must be a safe thing.When you exchange something with somebody, naturally that relationship can not last unless it is in the mutual interest. That is why FAR EAST products must be natural, organic and Fair trade as a matter of course though we feel somehow embarrassed  to say it loud in front . We would rather take the uplifting, thrilling excitement when you meet something unknown, or  the satisfaction with the good-looking, neat, sympathetic things.  In other words, we would rather you felt attractive for  “How it stands” , the appearance of  our products.  Just open the box, and you will find it natural and fair is the good stance, we think.


“Long, frugal but steady ” is our basic policy. We do not think it appropriate to adapt things to the Japanese market which boasts its uncommon short life cycle of commodities. It is unreasonable to adjust the cultures which have been assiduously brought up in every corner of the world. It is also unjust for the local employment and production system to fit  the short  life market.


“Valuable things to be valuable” is also our policy. So to say, we get price for the value you feel. Then we unwelcome the bargain sales strategy takes priority to the value.  Inevitably  it  narrows  the market  but as a torchbearer of the  transmitted culture over generations in local  lands,  we think it is our duty “Not to reduce the value”


“Have all the people concerned get the maximum satisfaction” is our policy, too.We know it difficult to realize but everything would tone down if we are unconscious of this point.  It may sound abstract, we drive forward thinking what we should satisfy in the forefront of our mind.